Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Good Morning!
What a day we had yesterday. Lavaca- wonderful, amazing, clean Lavaca, has their Recycling Center open for the week and you can bring ANYTHING. These are my favorite weeks of the year. Mom came up in Grandpa's truck and we took what I believe was FIVE loads of "stuff." Jason had finally given me permission to clean out the barn and the shed. It was like Christmas, birthday, anniversary and Valentine's Day all rolled in to one. I love to organize and I really, really, really love to purge. Now the shed only contains the yard equipment and the barn only has items along the sides and those items are categorized and easy to get to if you need them.
Rachel and I had a yard sale last weekend and whatever was left, we donated to The Store in Booneville. Before I left for her house, I went through every single drawer, every single cabinet, every single closet and every single shelf in the entire house and put any items that needed to leave in a box with a price sticker on them. It feels so good to know that the indoors and outdoors are cleaned, organized and there is not one single piece of junk or trash to be found. In a word- Cleansing.

Today my focus is laundry and house cleaning. The yard desperately needs to be mowed but when we tried to start the mower yesterday, it just burped some black smoke at us and laughed. The good news, is that while I was dumping an older lawnmower at the Recycling Center, the man in the truck behind me came and told me that he repairs lawnmowers. I told him that one was too far gone but if he wanted to fix the lawnmower with indigestion, that was fine by me. So I should be able to pick it up on Wednesday and hopefully that old thing will last me another summer. He even said that if he didn't have to buy any parts, he wouldn't charge me. Which is more than I can say about the little auto place here in town. I took a tire down there because they couldn't accept it at the RC unless the rubber was off the frame, and they charged me three dollars to separate the two. I've seen them separate tires before. They just place the tire on a machine, push a button, and the machine pops the tire part off the frame. Why in the world that process costs three dollars is beyond me. 

I'm off to feed the young people some breakfast. What's your focus for today?


Anonymous said...

I love to take stuff and throw it away!!

Drewba said...

me too - (sometimes i get in trouble)

nanny said...

It was a good feeling to haul things off. Amazing what one can accumulate in ones life.