Friday, December 11, 2009

I did not mean to go so long between posts. Sorry.

Everyday I think about the fact that I need to post but then I get sidetracked and I just let the whole day go by without getting it accomplished.

Things are just regular here. Our day typically goes like this:
We wake up and get dressed.
We eat.
I get the house cleaned and the girls play.
We eat.
Eily naps and Elaina and Claire do their schoolwork.
I clean some more, read and do computer things and they play some more.
I cook.
We eat.
Bath time/wind down time/clean up once again time.
Bed time.
Ahhhhhhhh time.

It's nice and most of the time I don't feel like messing it up by spending a lot of time on the computer. I have started reading again. It's made me deliriously happy. I forgot just how enjoyable it is to lose yourself in a book.

Eily is so funny right now. If she starts to throw a fit I just say, "Eily, go to your bed," and she knows to go there until she has stopped crying. I love watching her walk down the hallway. It's like a dog slinking off with it's tail between it's legs. It's so cute and then once she has calmed down she totters back down the hallway. It's so stinking cute.

*sigh* Nothing to write about. I'm quiting for now. Maybe I will feel a bit more chatty tomorrow.

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Margaretta said...

I love routines, both having them and knowing that other people do. Don't you revel in that calm ticking-along sort of feeling? Reminds me of when Claire and I used to have a dollhouse with a huge dollhouse family, and all of their days followed a very productive little schedule. It was so much fun to make something that orderly.