Monday, December 07, 2009

It's a girl!!!!

We have a new member of the family (suprise!) and it was confirmed just this morning that is is indeed a girl. This house will be just overrun with females. Poor Jason. He hasn't a chance.

Now, for the name. It's Bella. Rememeber when we were expecting Eily? The two names under consideration were Eily and Isabella. Eily won but Bella has stayed close to my heart. So this one is Bella and such a sweet, sweet face she has. She was extremely modest and we had a very hard time determining the sex but she eventually moved her tail just enough that we were finally able to get an adequate glimpse.

Oh stop having heart attacks and fainting spells. It's just a dog.

She's a beagle with the most precious face there has ever been on a canine. She is very, very skittish so we have been putting food out every day and slowly but surely she is warming up to us. She wants so very badly to let me touch her and will get within a few inches of my hand but then she wimpers and runs back a few feet. I feel that with love and patience we will get there. Any tips from you animal people out there?


Debbi said...

so THAT's who Elaina was trying to tell me was outside!!!!
poor dog, it's cold outside!ha. where does she sleep? give her warm morsels of left over food and coo like you do with a baby. just scoop her up anyway and hug her and rub under her little chin, she will warm right up to you.
how old is she? puppy or grown?
put her sleeping rug or box or house near the central air unit. It puffs out warm air:)) or maybe that's just our cooler compressors??? anyway....LOL

nanny said...

Let us know when you make contact