Wednesday, December 02, 2009

You may call me crazy if you like.

I started something new today. Well, two things actually. First, I switched Eily's crib for a toddler bed. I only had to discipline her twice this afternoon at nap time. When she woke up she just hollered from her bed because apparently she now thinks she is never supposed to get out of bed without permission. Even if nap time is over. I didn't correct her.

I am staying home all this week except for an occassional trip to Dollar General or the grocery store. You know, to get toilet paper to wipe...there. The reason that we might need extra tp is that I have decided to see how potty training Eily goes. She is very, very young, 19 months, but she hates to be wet and she is VERY excited about the whole idea. My carpets are so stained that a little spot or two from accidents won't even show. Better to try this before cleaning the carpets, no? So far she has gone in the potty zero times and on the floor twice. I'll try to remember to keep you all updated on how this crazy idea is coming along.


Melanie said...

Is Eily understanding the concept of using the potty? If not, get a baby doll that pees, let her feed the baby with a bottle, then let her put it on the toilet. You will never turn back. Worked like a charm with Josiah...Good luck!!!

Debbi said...

No, you are not crazy...Tommy potty trained himself at 18mo. He wanted to potty like "brothers"!!!
this is great! She see's her sisters why not!
The toddler bed is a good idea too!!! What a cute story! can not wait to get my arms around those sweet girls!:)