Monday, December 21, 2009

It smells like spring outside.

What a beautiful day!

The girls are getting a chance to play outside with Bella before we hit the road. I am braving the weather (since it is lovely) and cleaning out the van and........

I completed my ironing. ALL of it. That is a big, big deal for me.

I doubt that I will be posting much during this holiday week but you never know. I might just find the time while vegging out at the in-laws. Maybe I'll take a break between my canasta games and get you all caught up on our holiday going-on's.

Pioneer Woman is having contests every day through the 25th on her blog .  She's also having them on her Tasty Kitchen blog. Go enter and buy me a professional carpet cleaning with your prize.

Happy Holidays!


Debbi said...

better to smell like SPRING than the smell yesterday....blamed on Eily!ha.

nanny said...

Post about your trip!!! Already missing all of you!!!!!!!